Self-playing Concertina

Also known as Tanzbaer / Player Concertina / Automatic Concertina / Automatic Bandoneon

The self-playing Concertina plays with real reeds, like a real instrument. Therefore the tone generation is absolutely mechanical - without a speaker/amplifier. You only have to move the bellows to produce the air for the reeds. The finger movements are taken over by an electronic control system and the songs are saved on a small memory card.

Sound Samples (20 tone)

1: Download

2: Download

3: Download

4: Download (together with small Barrel Organ)

5: Download (together with small Barrel Organ)


Self-playing Konzertina / Concertina
Concertina, 20 tone

Self-playing Accordion
Tanzbaerchen, 20 tone

Self-playing Concertina + Accordion
Concertina and Tanzbaerchen