Manual Description
Tone overview Tone overview of our instruments and different organs
Accordion (SD), Accordion (SD) old, Accordion (SM) old Manual for Accordion
Concertina (SD), Concertina (SM) old Manual for Concertina
MIDI-Player (SD), MIDI-Player (SD) old Manual for MIDI-Player
Hofb. Midi-System Manual for Hofb. 2000 Midi-System
WLAN Text Display Manual for WiFi/WLAN Song Text Display
WLAN Text Display Commands Command songs for WiFi/WLAN Song Text Display
File Description
App for WLAN Text Display Android App for using the WLAN Text Display
Midi-Tool EXE / ZIP Application to modify MIDI files: song title, tempo, transpose...
Midi-Textanzeige EXE / ZIP Application to view the song text via MIDI-In on a PC (song text display)
LiederManager EXE / ZIP Application to sort songs and create new Banks

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do the musical instruments work with MP3 audio files?

No, the instruments do not work with MP3 files or a speaker with amplifier. These are mechanical musical instruments and the sound is generated with reeds like on a normal accordion.

What are the current song lists?

20er v9 and 40er v12

What do the error codes (Fehler) in the display mean?

Fehler 2 Wrong MIDI type. Only MIDI type 0 is supported.
Fehler 3 No MIDI file.
Fehler 4 No Bank found or all Banks empty.
Fehler 5 Read error. Under certain circumstances, the memory card is too slow or it has been removed or changed when the device was powered on.
Fehler 6 Unknown or no memory card inserted.
Fehler >6 or
Fehler <1
Sector error. The memory card is removed from the card reader too fast.
Always use Safely Remove Hardware:

What is the difference between SmartMedia and SD memory card?

Note: SD cards have a write-protection switch (lock).

Why is my SD-Card not recognized?

SD-Cards up to 2GB and with FAT16 file system are supported. Newer devices can also read SDHC-Cards up to 32GB (Firmware >= v1.30) and FAT32 (Firmware >= v2.00).
Unfortunately, there are large speed differences between SD-Cards. According to our tests, memory cards from Kingston, Toshiba, SanDisk and Transcend will work without problems.

Why is my SmartMedia-Card not recognized?

SmartMedia-Cards from 8MB to 32MB are supported and the file system of the card has to be FAT16.
Never format SmartMedia-Cards under a Windows operating system.

Why is my new Bank not found on the instrument?

Check the name of the bank: Bank0, Bank1, Bank2...Bank99 -> No space character between the word Bank and the number.

What is a Bank on the computer?

A Bank is a directory on the memory card with the name Bank0...99 and in this directory are the songs (file extension .MID).

How much banks and songs per bank are possible?

SM-Cards: Bank 0...24
SD-Cards: Bank 0...99
Songs per Bank: 99

In which format are the songs stored?

The songs are MIDI files in format 0. The melody is on channel 1 and the drums are on channel 10.

How can I make new songs and modify existing ones?

The songs are MIDI files and can be modified with a MIDI program.
Here is a small guide about making music: Make new songs
When editing with Cakewalk, the lyric commands in the songs are removed by default. To switch this off, you have to add in the file TTSSEQ.INI under [Options] the following entry TranslateRPN=0

How can I modify the song title?

The song title is stored in the MIDI file (as Meta-Event) and there is an application to change the title in the download area.

How can I modify the lyrics from a song?

The lyrics are stored in the MIDIfile (as Controller) in the Boehm Lyric Desk format.
To modify the lyrics the program Virtual Lyric Desk can be used.
A short guide can be found here: create/edit lyrics